Celebrate the new year around the world

New Year’s Eve – Midnight Around the World – Photos from 2015

Searches for New Year Photo Articles led me to an article that captured photos of New Year’s Eve 2015 from many, many places around the world. I’ll show you a few right here, and I truly believe you’ll find the photos in the article enjoyable and educational as you see how other nations ring in the New Year.

Let’s start with a photo from our own NY Times Square as the fireworks go off! This photo is from Andrew Burton and Getty Images.


Next we’ll look at how they welcome the New Year in London a few hours before our celebration in New York begins. This photo is by John Phillips and Getty Images for Unicef.


And for one more tempting photo let’s take a peek at what it looks like in a country that’s about as far from the Western World as one can get. We see Fireworks light up Hong Kong’s skyline. Our photographer is Philippe Lopez for AFP and Getty Images.


The article and more brilliant New Year’s eve photos can be reached through the link below.


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Happy New Year!

Walter Krieg

New creative headliners take the musical stage

New Creative Headliners Take the Musical Stage this Year

2016 was a year of many losses in the music industry. David Bowie and Prince are two we all probably remember. But on the bright side there are many talented artists who can continue to offer good and maybe even great music.

Our featured photographer, David Valera, a well thought of professional in Los Angeles, specializes in music photography. In one of his recent articles we get a chance to follow him as he offers some of the music artists he thinks will keep us wonderfully entertained now and into the future. Here are two of his top ten from 2016.

We start with Jehnny Beth and the Savages from a show this past April at the El Rey Theatre. Mr. Valera believes this group to be one of the best live bands around now.


Our second photo is of someone that has entertained us for many years and can be seen as a bridge to the new era. It’s Grace Jones who, as Davis Valera sees it, at 68 years of age, is still pushing the boundaries of entertainment.


As we end 2016 and get ready for 2017, you can take a look at our photographer’s top choices here,


and see entertainers you may be hearing from for years to come.

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Rare sights from around the world

Sights From Around the World Not Often Seen Here

One of the great things about photography that we often take for granted is the view it can give us of our world. Coming across the articles and photos that follow opened my eyes and I thought you might be interested in these views as well. First we’ll look at other ways that people live that are completely different from our experiences here in Western Civilization.




Now we’ll take a look at members of the animal kingdom many of whom are not found here either.




And here we take a look at scenes around the world that we don’t see.




And finally we explore animals from right here that are thought to be endangered and who we rarely see and might not see much longer.




The photos above and in the referenced articles speak for themselves. And they tell us that there are many ways we can view our world. Photography gives us that opportunity. The views we’ve seen here let us begin to see how different many people, places and other creatures there are and the part they play in our world. I don’t know how you feel but I’m grateful for the Photographers and happy to view them from right here.

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Walter Krieg

The holiday season – photograph christmas lights

Capture the Holiday Season – Photograph Christmas Lights

If you’re anything like us here at dotPhoto you and your family members always take lots and lots of holiday photos. Most of the time our homes and families are the subjects and many of these photos are of the Christmas tree, opening presents and gathering around the dinner table. We wind up with many pictures that help us remember the gathering and the time we all shared.

In the few weeks before the family gathering we like to ride around town and look at all the decorations that folks put up. While we’re riding we stop to snap a few shots and then head home to sit around the table and look at them. We usually just take a leisurely ride and snap the photos without much thought. Some of the decorations we see are well done and could make great subjects for carefully taken photos. So this year I decided to get a little more particular and try to take photos that really capture the beauty and good feelings that these decorations give us. But before starting I decided to look into how expert photographers snap their outdoor holiday photos to get a few hints on techniques.

Here are three articles I discovered that focus on taking photos of holiday lighting decorations and these are what I mostly take photos of. I think these suggestions will definitely help me do much better this year…if I take my time preparing and shooting the photos.

Interestingly, the recommendations suggest taking some photos when there is still a bit of daylight. I hadn’t thought of that. The articles are all good and are presented here in the order I found them.

The first article by Noella Ballenger is entitled “Christmas Lights Photography – How To Capture The Season” and can be seen at http://www.apogeephoto.com/photographing-christmas-lights/. Noella offers some advice, on white balance, camera modes, shutter speeds and more. Here are two of her photos.



Our next article is entitled “How to Photograph Christmas Lights” and is written by the community at wikiHow. Here are two of their examples. They also offer eight suggestions for ways to take good Christmas light photos. See the article here, http://www.wikihow.com/Photograph-Christmas-Lights.



Our third article is entitled, “How to Take Great Photos of Holiday Lights”, and was created by the staff at the New York Institute of Photography. This article also offers good and easy to follow advice for snapping our holiday photos. Here are four things for us to consider:
• Turn off your flash unless you have a very good reason to use it.
• Use a fast ISO — we suggest ISO 800, 1600 or above.
• Avoid camera shake.
• Use a tripod…or, at least, brace the camera. Trust your camera’s built-in meter.

And now for two of their photos.



If we do a good job taking the photos we’ll upload them and print the best pictures on cards and other products and pass them around to family members and friends. They’ll like that.

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Walter Krieg

Disneyland – relive 61 years of magic

Disneyland Photo Update: Relive 61 Years of Magic

Disneyland opened on July 17th, 1955. At its opening Walt Disney gave a short speech. A part of that speech was this statement: “To all who come to this happy place: – WELCOME – Disneyland is your land. Here age relives fond memories of the past. . . and here youth may savor the challenge and promise of the future.”

Here’s a plaque welcoming visitors.


Many, myself included, have passed this plaque. I do believe we did and do find that Disneyland is a source of joy for us as we amble about. Here’s what many saw on the anniversary and what we see at other times we visit.



The Disneyland Ambassador welcomed the crowd and then Walt’s opening speech was played over the loudspeakers.


After the speech and some entertainment confetti rained down on the crowd.


Here are just a few of the dozens and dozens of photos of Disneyland and its treasures that can be seen at http://micechat.com/130902-micechat-disneyland-photo-update-draft-july-18th/




We find Disneyland quite astounding.

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Walter Krieg

A visual history of thanksgiving

A Visual Take on The Feast of Thanksgiving

Since the invention of the camera photos of people and art focused on Thanksgiving has allowed us to trace much of what our society holds dear for this feast of thanks. Honestly, these photos and photos like them allow us to know the varieties of ways that the holiday was and is viewed.

Let’s start by looking at photos from 1910 – 1915. Many are available from the Library of Congress, but this article we refer to here shows a truly representative set of photos that give a feel for the Thanksgiving celebration of that era. Take a look at a few and then head over to the article to see more.

Be ready because “Elaborate costumes and masks were commonplace, some rode horses or bicycles, throwing confetti and flour on pedestrians was “an allowable pastime,” and masquerade balls would take place across the country.”



You can see more of this old time tradition here: http://petapixel.com/2014/11/26/old-photos-reveal-odd-thanksgiving-traditions-100-years-ago/

Our next look at Thanksgiving traditions takes us to the beginnings of one that continues today. From our linked article, “The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade started in 1924, though then it was called the Christmas Parade. In its earliest years, entertainment came in the form of animals borrowed from the Central Park Zoo. The first float, Felix the Cat, appeared three years later in 1927.”

Here are two photos from 1938



See more of the Macy’s Parade tradition here: https://www.wired.com/2013/11/the-macys-thanksgiving-parade-was-way-cooler-in-black-and-white/. Yes, the photos are in black and white.

Another look at the history of the Thanksgiving Feast comes from the covers of the Saturday Evening Post. The Post long ago began to place Thanksgiving themes on their cover.

Here are two from 1907 and 1913.



You can see more of these classic Saturday Evening Post covers here: http://www.saturdayeveningpost.com/2015/11/18/art-entertainment/turkey-time.html

And one last photo to remind us of much of what Thanksgiving means. A photo of Norman Rockwell’s famous 1942 painting, Freedom from Want.


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Walter Krieg

A complete iPhone 7 plus camera review

An In Depth Look at the iPhone 7 Plus Cameras

The iPhone 7 Plus has been available since September 7th and we’ve been on the lookout for a complete top to bottom review of the cameras that takes us through all its features and capabilities. Today we received a review from dpreview.com that we believe is what we’ve been looking for. Here are the features, functions, abilities, etc. that this series of articles reports on.


To tickle your interest and get you started here are a few of the comments and examples you will see.

In the Introduction: “Judging by design, screen size and resolution, the new iPhone 7 Plus is nothing new. While its major specs are nearly identical to the iPhone 6s Plus, it’s in the camera department where a lot of innovation has happened.” And “There are a lot of new camera features to explore on the new iPhone 7 Plus and we have done exactly that. Read our full review to see…”

Here’s the phone and here we go starting with a shot from the Introduction!


From the Design and Hardware article comes this, “Without a doubt, the most exciting new component on the iPhone 7 Plus is its dual-camera.”

And from Camera Operation we are told, “As in the past, the iPhone camera is very much focused on ease of use and does a very good job at that” and “The iPhone 7 Plus comes with the same physical control layout as previous iPhone generations”. A new portrait mode has been added but here’s a landscape view.


The Features section points out that “the stock camera app comes with a good range of built-in features”. Examples offered are Panorama, HDR Mode and Zoom.

Here’s a look at three of the Zoom results.




Fairly impressive I think.

So you wouldn’t be left wondering, here’s a sample of the new Portrait Mode.


From the Image Quality and Performance section, “the iPhone wide-angle camera delivers a very good performance in bright light.” And an example…


More sample photos and a thorough set of feature descriptions are presented. A complete write-up comes at the end. Be aware, they pull no punches. According to this review there are pros and cons to the iPhone 7 Plus.

That said, from my point of view one of the final evaluations was important, “Its unique selling point is its dual-camera with a 56mm ‘tele-lens.’ It allows for the best zooming of all current smartphones, offers an alternative angle of view to the wide-angle and works well in Apple’s new portrait mode.” I think you’ll find this series as complete and well put together a review as there’s been. Decide for yourself what’s important as you read the article.

Here’s another link to the Introduction to get you started:


I hope you find it informative and interesting, and, as always…
Let us know what you think.

Walter Krieg