A better way to share

iPhone 8, 8Plus, and X coversWhen I learned that Facebook When I learned that Facebook shrinks any photo larger than 100K, I realized that a better way to preserve and share my photos is to upload directly to dotphoto, and then share a few photos to Facebook.

That way, I preserve the full size of the original photo, and can crop or add text to it on dotphoto before sharing the smaller, edited image on Facebook.

dotphoto on your phone
dotphoto runs beautifully on a phone from your browser. Here is a screen shot showing a photo of a frozen fountain that I took last week in Atlanta. On phones, your albums and images appears under the main command bar, and can scroll up and down. To see a larger photo of the fountain, you would tap the thumbnail.

Add a dotphoto icon to your Android phone

Add a dotphoto icon to your iPhone

Three ways to share to Facebook from dotphoto

1. Most phones share dotphoto images directly to Facebook. Hold your finger on the photo (“long-tap”) to reveal sharing options including Facebook.

2. Use dotphoto‘s Share feature. In the image on the right, you can tap the share button at the bottom of the list to reveal green buttons that copy either a link to the album thumbnails or a link to the dotphoto slideshow. Copy the link of your choice, and paste the link into your Facebook post.

3. Copy and paste an image. On your computer, copy the dotphoto image and simply paste it into your Facebook post. Facebook will downsize the image on Facebook for sharing, but you will still have the full-size version on dotphoto.

The best photo collections of 2017

We’ve assembled some of the best photo collections of 2017 from sports, space, fashion, history, science and culture.

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When your photos matter

During this season of memories, it’s worth remembering that dotphoto saves your photos at up to 36 megapixels (up to 6000 dots on the longest side.) Unlike our competitors, we don’t downsize our Club members’ photos to small storage sizes, so you’ll be able to zoom into group shots or print clear photos years from now.
You can also download and backup your photos on dotphoto any time you want, which is difficult or impossible on most other services. How to download

dotphoto Club, Family and Pro members get free unlimited, high-quality storage and can manage photos in an easy album structure.

More on dotphoto’s storage policy

How our competitors think about your photos

As of 12/18/17, Facebook’s help section notes: “To avoid compression when you upload your cover photo, make sure the file size is less than 100KB.” This is a very small file for most dotphoto photographers. Most “free” photo sites severely downsize your images after a week and a year because their business models are based on printing or advertising. They are not designed to be services that care for your photos; they are designed to maximize advertising or printing, and they understand that your old photos will produce less revenue than your new photos, so they reduce their costs by severely reducing the size of your photos.

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Two ways to print panoramas

How to print a panoramaA panorama is usually an image that is much wider than it is tall.  Panoramas may also be any photo that you have taken with your camera’s panorama feature to gather more of the scene, so you might have a large square image or a tall, vertical image. There are two ways to print panoramas:

1. Print your panorama on a large format print.
These include 11×14, 12×18, 16×24, 20×24, 24×36, 20×30 or 30×40 poster. These are inexpensive prints, but you will have white areas on the top and bottom that you may want to cut off.

2. Print your panorama at the dotphoto Custom Frame Shop.
This printing technique will print the complete image in any cropped photo without a white edge or loss of image. You may also choose to have your panorama laminated or custom-framed at dotphoto’s Custom Frame Shop.